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I'm welcome to constructive criticism. I won't get better without critique!


My deviantART story is in no way the most interesting one out there, but deviantART has been part of my life for nearly 6 years and thanks to the experiences I have had here I am who I am today.
I made my account in November of 2008 and back then I was really just starting out with art. I have drawn all my life, but that was really when I began to try and practice at it more and see if I could improve my skills. My first art that I added here was fanart... and not good fanart at that! A lot of my earliest posts I have put into storage, actually...
I practiced more, although for the next year or so I really didn't post much. I favorited a lot of works and commented on people's art, but I didn't do much drawing.
I actually got into a spat with an artist over a request- I can't even remember her name... any way, that was my first "bad experience" here, but it taught me that not everyone is going to be nice 100% of the time and that misunderstandings do happen, despite your efforts.
After that I really got into the anime Ojamajo Doremi, and for the next two years that is a huge part of my life! The show led me to one of my greatest friends of all time, if not my very best friend, MagicallyBlue ily bby :heart:
When we met, she had another account (Kikithekristina02) and the deviation below was where we first met, I believe... there might have been another deviation that I commented on, but it's in storage. I'm pretty sure it's this one though. *** I've tried to chose artworks that best accompany my different stages of my deviantART life, not  necessarily based on how much I like them but on how much of a role they've played for me.
ojamajo twins x3 by kikithekristina02
For the next year or so, Ojamajo Doremi was the center of my art and I did a lot of work with my fan character Kohi.
 Kohi the Witch by hwilki65Majo Krasna by hwilki65Okashi Family Tree by hwilki65Lahvvv by hwilki65
MagicallyBlue really influenced my work, and continues to do so. Commission: babettte by MagicallyBlueI'm cold- by MagicallyBlueMonchu and Hanachu by MagicallyBlueMom and Daughter 8D by MagicallyBlueMon-chan for hwilki QuQ by MagicallyBlueNene and Yoyo by MagicallyBlueKohi and Koko by MagicallyBlueChibi Adoptable by MagicallyBlueMY BABY by MagicallyBlue
Thanks to her, I also met fuumika who are really amazing and wonderful people, and CandyBlade who is awesome an super-cool!!
Through the Ojamajo scene I also met CookieDevour, another one of my good friends.
I didn't do much for a while... my art was really anime-crazy and I often felt discouraged about my style, because I felt like all I was doing was fanart-type stuff and I didn't see myself getting anywhere. Around spring of 2013, I really started working hard on developing my style and becoming better at art.
 Gayelette and Quelala by hwilki65The Council with the Munchkins by hwilki65Billina saves the Queen by hwilki65
As the year goes on, I meet LamourDanimer who has become one of my best friends, and he introduced me to DimitriKJr who is also one of my best friends now. They have helped me grow so much during the year that I've known them.
The King of Spades by hwilki65Beauty is Found Within by hwilki65Oz the Great and Terrible by hwilki65The Queen of Hearts by hwilki65The Three of Clubs by hwilki65Swan lake characters 1 by hwilki65The Alice of Clubs by hwilki65
LamourDanimer really helped me learn that it's okay to just sketch and do art for fun or practice, not necessarily with the finished work in mind. He also taught me a lot about concept work and developing ideas.Maleficent's Horns by LamourDanimerWitch of the South by LamourDanimerWitch of the West by LamourDanimerMs. Gale by LamourDanimerThe Lost Princess of Oz by LamourDanimerSo I'll make good by LamourDanimerVasilisa by LamourDanimerThe Swan Queen by LamourDanimerLady Odile von Rothbart by LamourDanimer
Dimitri taught me a lot about staying true to yourself and doing what feels right to you. I also learned a lot about colors and color placement in art from him.Persephone and Hades by DimitriKJrThe Youngest Daughter by DimitriKJrLady Ingrid by DimitriKJrEAST by DimitriKJrWater Spirit by DimitriKJr
I really grew during summer 2013, although in early fall I had a very bad encounter with some other deviants... I had to take a break from the site for about four months, and didn't rejoin the deviantART community until January 2014. My art during the period of my absence still continued to develop, although I definitely hit a snag.
Coraline Cover by hwilki65The Witch- Into the Woods by hwilki65Meltinggggg by hwilki65The Moon 4 by hwilki65She Ought to be Locked Up by hwilki65Tierney Glinda by hwilki65
When I rejoined deviantART this past January, I began work on my Oz Comic- a project of mine that has really boosted my skills as an artist, as well as fueled my creativity.
 The Wonderful Wizard of Oz - page one by hwilki65Oz - page two by hwilki65Oz - page 3 by hwilki65Oz - page 4 by hwilki65Oz - page 5 by hwilki65Oz - page 6 by hwilki65Oz- page 7 by hwilki65Oz  page 8 by hwilki65
I also got in contact with the artist Xamag who had been an inspiration of mine for several years. Her art really influenced and inspired me, and I am so glad that I am able to speak to her on occasion.
Pretty in Pink by hwilki65The Invisible Witch by hwilki65Eyes On You by hwilki65Peppery Princess by hwilki65
During spring 2014 I also developed my skill set as an artist outside of what I normally was into. I tried different aesthetics and ideas, and really honed in my "style" as an artist.
 Robot Catologue by hwilki65Caribbean Blue by hwilki65Langwidere by hwilki65The Color of Beauty by hwilki65
and of course I still did lots of fanart~I Hate You by hwilki65Maleficent by hwilki65Princess Maleficent by hwilki65

I really don't know where I'm going to go in the rest of this year and onward, but I hope to great places! I know that thanks to deviantART I have made many great friendships and connections that I treasure, and I look forward to seeing where deviantART will take me in the future!
Thank you deviantART for a wonderful past six years and most importantly, HAPPY FOURTEENTH BIRTHDAY!! :D


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Artist | Student | Traditional Art
I love discovering new styles of art and am always impressed with others. I am mainly influenced by animated movies and various comic books, although also by golden age illustrators, photography, and Ghibli films.
I am always open to critique, and I will gladly listen to your suggestions. After all, that's what I'm here for!
I do take commissions, although free pictures are for friends only. Still, if you ask me to draw something for you, I'll see what I can do. ;p

My bestest friend in the entire world. GO CHECK HER OUT.

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While I appreciate favorites, I appreciate comments a lot more. I will more likely than not respond to your comment, watch you back, and give you a llama in return.

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So, I've decided to open up a little commission widget... I don't know how much time I will have, depending on the complexity of the request, but I will consider it and hopefully I will get your commission done.


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